Lesson 3 : the trench

In fashion there are essential items you should have in your dressing and a trench is one of them. Every girl in Paris has one (or will have it very soon). It's timeless and it's Burberry! Long or short, belted or open, with sleeves and collar up, with red sexy lips or natural make-up, it just goes with everything and with every mood.

Lesson 2 : love your body

We all have different bodies and we all want something else. Stop and play with your shapes thanks to those fashion tips. Use bright colors if you think you're too thin or play with similar colors if you're too small. There's always a solution for each body types!


Lesson 1 : the bag

The bag is one of the essential item of a Mademoiselle's closet. He can make your life sooooo easy with his lovely and useful pockets or be your worst nightmare if you spend 5 minutes to look for your iPhone when mother-in-law is calling! So it's important to choose it well. Les Mademoiselles love their bags with their heart but we must admit that some of them are just the one you can't miss.


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